How will Brexit affect the future of travel?

As you probably already know, Britain has voted to leave the EU. Aside from the many different views and opinions on this controversial topic, we would like to talk about how this has, and could, affect the future of travel.

After the final results of the referendum, there are a few common questions many of the general public have about the future of travel, such as:

  • Will  the price of holidays increase?
  • Will I need a new passport / driving license after we leave the EU?
  • Will I require a visa to travel European countries?
  • What happens to my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

As with almost everything related to the decision to leave the EU, it is not clear how things will proceed and it is still unclear exactly what sort of relationship Britain will be able to strike with the European Union. And so, therefore, it is uncertain as to what will actually happen regarding travel to the EU.

What we do know is that:

  • There are no immediate changes to claiming compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled.
  • You can still bring home unlimited goods from duty free.
  • There are no immediate changes to using your phone abroad.
  • You can still use your European Health Insurance Card card abroad.
  • It is likely that British Citizens will (at some point) need brand new passports as the front cover currently features the words “European Union”.
  • It is also likely that we will (at some point) need brand new driving licenses as this has the European flag featured on it.

The UK Government will need to implement new laws for each of the above after we leave the EU. The only immediate impact to travel could be from the value of the pound.

ABTA has released this statement on the result of the EU Referendum –

The Prime Minister has stated that there will be no initial change in the way people travel. Travellers are as free to move between the UK and the EU as they were yesterday, European Health Insurance cards remain valid and regulations such as Air Passenger Rights remain in place. People due to travel this summer will see little changes to their holiday.

Once the UK formally notifies the EU of its intention to leave, the remaining Member States will have up to two years to offer the UK a deal for a future trading relationship and during this period holidaymakers will not see any immediate changes.

However, the fall in value of the pound will have an immediate impact on holidaymakers and their spending power overseas.

ABTA is the UK’s largest travel association, representing travel agents and tour operators.

For further queries or questions, you can visit ABTA’s FAQ page of their website here.

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Samsung’s SmartThings

Smart Homes

The tech genius’ over at Samsung have done it again with their most recent release! The revolutionary new technology: SmartThings. This is the latest step in advancing technology that gives consumers the ability to control normal household appliances from almost anywhere at any time with the touch of a button!

SmartThings let you monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere.


But how does it work?

To begin with, you will have to purchase a SmartHub. This will be the most essential device required as it is needed for all other appliances to connect. You then have a range of different appliances that you can connect such as: motion sensors, power outlets, moisture sensors, speakers and more.


Samsung specify that you can “add as you go” being able to add as many appliances as you like. On top of this, other known technology manufacturers will be able to create their own appliances that can be linked to SmartThings and so far big names such as Phillips and Bose have contributed.

To be able to make the most of this flashy new tech, you must first download the Samsung app ‘SmartThings’. The app gives you full control over appliances and power supply as well as providing you with useful information like room temperatures, room security, appliance power usage and much more!


Future benefits

This type of technology can huge benefits especially for travellers and tourists. For example; say you were expecting a delivery while you are out of the country, you could simply log in to the app and schedule a time for the garage to be unlocked or even for the back gate to be opened. Maybe you were in a rush to get out the door so you weren’t late for your flight and forgot to switch the kettle or iron off, not to worry – simply open the app and turn the power off to those appliances!

Another major benefit with a technology of this kind is security. A big worry for holiday makers is theft and burglary of their homes while they are away, however with the introduction of SmartThings you will be able to monitor security from no matter where you are. Be it checking your doors and windows are locked or having a live camera feed you can view remotely.


How can I get this?

You can simply go to the Samsung website and purchase the equipment there, however because there is so much demand for this there is limited stock and certain products – the starter kit will set you back £200.00 and includes the hub, motion sensor, multi sensor, presence sensor, power outlet.

Got anything else to add? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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Delhi Motor Show 2016

The Auto Expo

This bi-annual event is the second largest of its kind. It will showcase some of the latest and greatest in the automotive industry, with big names such as Honda, Ford, Nissan, Renault, Jaguar Land Rover, Jeep, Mercedes and many more attending. You can expect to see brand new cars launched, concept cars unveiled and futuristic motor tech shown off!


What’s happening this week

This week plays host to the Delhi Auto Expo which has been split in to two events: The Auto Expo (components) and The Auto Expo (motor show).

The motor show will be located in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR and will last for 4 days (5th – 9th of February) whereas the components part of the show will be held in New Delhi and will run from the 4th to the 7th of February.


Previous years

The event has been running for over 30 years and was originally created in 1985 where it lasted for 9 days.

Since day 1 the Auto Expo has been held at ‘Pragiti Maidan’ which is an exhibition centre that has around 72,000 metres of space. It is also Delhi’s largest exhibition centre!


A large part of the show is the concept cars (and bikes) that are revealed. There are some truly crazy concepts on show – here is a selection from past years:





Visa Requirements

The event organisers state that:

Citizens of all countries require a valid national passport / travel document with a valid visa to visit India. These may be obtained from the Indian Mission / Consular Office in the country of their residence.

If you are thinking of travelling to India there are two types of visa available to UK passport holders:

e-Tourist Visa (eTV). This is for tourists staying in India for up to 30 days click here for further information.

Full Indian Visa. If you are ineligible for an eTV or are planning to stay for over 30 days you will require a full Indian visa. You can click here to apply.

“Nothing beats a good drive.”

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